*** Star Dust *** (as seen by a dreamer)

A one hour boat ride from the bustling city of Male’ will take you far out enough in the ocean where there is absolutely nothing man-made for miles! No bright city lights, no traffic or irritated horning or smog. nothingness in the purest sense. It takes quite a while for the eyes to adjust to the blackness that is the night…no moon to reflect off the ocean, no artificial light to light the boat…this is the definition of “pitch black”

The sound of the sea gently lapping the side of the boat is the only sound you hear…way out here there is nothing else…no crickets chirping, no wind rustling through the trees…it’s a very different kind of “quiet” the quiet we refer to on land isn’t really quiet per say…its more….peaceful? but its NOT quiet….there are other minute sounds if you listen…but out here on the ocean…the waves are the ONLY sound. Period. It is a spiritual experience (for lack of better wording) you become profoundly aware of your self and the people beside you. there is nothing to distract you. nothing to waver your senses.

But the real moment of clarity is when the clouds clear to reveal the night sky.

It is awe inspiring. breath taking. words fail me. Miles away from any artificial source of light, the stars beam down upon you with such intensity it makes you wonder what you have looking up at all these years. believe me when I say the stars you see from atop the rooftops of your houses are but a fraction of the stars in the skies…blotted out by the “light pollution” and smog only the brightest of the stars grace ‘your’ sky…Out here…even the tiniest star burns with a passion! you see “clusters” of stars…unlike anything I have ever witnessed…imagine a cloud of diamonds in the night sky…flanked by a trillion others…then imagine that for as far as your eyes can see!!!

It is almost impossible to identify a constellation. there are simply too many stars out there. And as you lay there on your back with your eyes towards the heavens you seem to pick out more and more stars as your eyes grow accustomed to the darkness! they seem to focus and adjust and you notice the pinhole sized beams of star light piecing the night!

After the initial awe dies down and the beauty of it begins to sink in and etch into your memory forever, you realize how miniscule and insignificant you are! Its almost like an epiphany…your job, your idea of happiness, your life…what does it all mean? what does it all boil down to? you work your asses off through life to get somewhere…yet the poor fisherman who has only this wooden boat has the best view on the planet! The problems you face…seem like nothing. your life…is sheer madness! You are a finite object in what I believe is an infinite universe and the stars are telling you this…whispering their secrets which have been here from the very beginning of time and space!

You feel so tiny under the night sky. you appreciate the sequence of events that led you here. you repent for your wrong doings and feel love like never before! you wish, dream and reflect. ponder upon the futility of things money, power, war…for what?!?! I swear if everyone sees the night for what it truly is the world would be a surprisingly better place. if everyone sees the night as I have seen it you would shy away from the sun and her glaring pride just to see the heavens in the dark.

Not everyone can get on a plane and come to the Maldives, but almost anyone can travel to a place far away from civilization and the glare of city lights…I beg of you…when you have the time…do that…get on a boat and sail out to sea, climb a huge mountain in the middle of nowhere, trek for hours through the jungle till you come to a clearing…and when you’re so far away from everything that your life feels threatened and you have no idea where you are…trust me and stare at the sky above you…and find out why they call it “the heavens”

(For Mufeed)


~ by Kaiser Kobayashi on February 3, 2012.

One Response to “*** Star Dust *** (as seen by a dreamer)”

  1. Abso-fucking-lutely brilliant post. I do this quite often. not a boat, but just on a wooden pier where there is no lights. just me and the heavens. i play Carl sagans “Pale blue dot” sometimes on my iPod.
    sometimes a bino can be very handy and interesting. you get to see nebulaes and star clusters.. Maldives is amazing place to do astronomy and its sad we have few or none.

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