The end of days…

Do they know the truth? She asked. That the tablet of Ammisaduqa outlined the lead up of events that would lead to the beginning of the end? Had anyone bothered to try to decrypt the parts that made no sense to the modern day scholars? Nonsense about the coming of darkness and end of time! Its just a mad mans ranting on stone slab they said…the transit of Venus is a perfectly normal, predictable, astronomical event!!! It is merely the passing of the planet between the sun and earth…its not some sign from the devil! Its not some mystical phenomenon that opens the gates of hell.

Venus or the morning star was said to be the name given to the fallen. cast into the depths of hell for his sins against god. Bound by the weight of his misdeeds. left to rot and burn for eternity. But Lucifer was not easily caged. He knew that with time, over eons and eternities, his cage would weaken and there would come a time when he could be freed. But one does not simply walk out of such a cage. No. one would need the heavens to align to the darkness to fall upon this prison…not much…just enough to blot out some of the light, to let the shadows in.

In his caged condition Lucifer was weakened greatly. left vulnerable to Baal and his wars for power. Hell might be a cold dark waste land but to Baal and the remaining 5 princes of hell it was home. a Kingdom to be ruled. And it was…Baal successfully led an attack against Satan and conquered much of the third realm…but with the passing of the morning star this matters not. For the ultimate prize, the one thing all seven princes of the nether realm want…is to wreak havoc on earth. and their time is now.

It is said that the gate will open in Jerusalem. On the first full moon after the passing of Venus. Death and darkness will sweep across the land in preparation for this event…war, corruption, lies and deceit…Men of the sword will rise and hold power. Innocent blood will be spilt, and when enough sacrifices have been made in the name of men the first three shall pass through the gates of hell into our world….

Mammon, Satan, and Leviathan will swarm the realm with greed, wrath, and envy…whispering into the listening ears of the rulers, poisoning their minds, and coaxing them into bloodshed…more wars will ensure the dark shadows hold their sway and delay the defense by the angels. Men will be drunk with power, free to do as they please and answer only to themselves.

When the world reaches this stage the second wave will begin…lust, gluttony, and sloth.  Powerful people will revel in their winnings, bathe in the spoils of their wars and Asmodeus, Baal, and Belphegor will thrive in the dark. At this stage many will see the change in the world and realize the terrible darkness they have unleashed but it will be too late…

By now the cage will be cloaked in darkness, the screams of the undead resonating and pulsing through the dark realm…Angels will have been weakened and with none to bind him down or retard his escape Lucifer the morning star, the bearer of light will emerge from the gates of hell…the end of days. the beginning of the end.

“You were warned, but heed you did not…for it was told that when the morning star crosses the path of the sun, the time shall be nigh and the seven shall walk into your house and smother you in the darkness” 


~ by Kaiser Kobayashi on June 10, 2012.

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