Where do I even begin…

Anna. Suzy. Alyona. Dion. Radhive. Amma. Nikita. Radhive. Radu. Taisa. Maneka. Nishan. Thaaththa. Ashini. Sakhitha. Volha. Anuki. Neema. Shenalee. Arzy. Rashfa. Fara.

A list of the recently contacted people on Whatsapp & Viber. Friends. Family. Without who life would be utterly and completely useless. Thank you.

Sri Lanka. Qatar. Georgia. Maldives.

Countries I visited in the last 6 months. Thank you.

Airbus A380. Boeing 787. Qatar Airways. EASA Exams.

Career milestones. Thank you.

Awesome apartment. Easy work. Never ending leave. New places/New faces. Food on the table. Drinks to go. Hands to hold. Stories to tell. Big dreams. Exciting days. Blissful nights. Slow soft kisses. Warm Ocean waves. Cool winter breezes. Coffee in the park. more tech-gadgets than I know what to do with. Epic coworkers. Unlimited internet access Smile with tongue out Health. Wealth. Happiness in lovely little doses. Life itself. Someone to love. Friends (once again) (Special mention Anna) Safety. Security. that feeling of freedom you have when you KNOW everything is working out as planned and everything is fine. A nice big bank account (Big enough for little old me at least) the comfiest bed everrrrr which I shall crash on to in less than 15 minutes…

If that isn’t something to be thankful about, I don’t know what is. Thank you. For this glorious fraction in time that is my life…it is a blessing. Happy thanksgiving everyone. Count your blessings.


~ by Kaiser Kobayashi on November 28, 2014.

2 Responses to “Thanksgiving.”

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  2. I love the way you write… Sad to see that you haven’t written anything in about a year 😦

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