About Kaiser Kobayashi

“And from the ashes of Eden will rise a titan who bears the mark of the scorpion; and it is he who shall rule chaos for eons to come”

A few simple requests and rules if i may…

My Blog. My opinions. My Rules…thats just the way it is and I’m sorry if you cant agree to these terms.

You might know who I am, you might not, either way here on the “Chronicles of Chaos” I am known as Kaiser Kobayashi and i would very much like if you refer to me using the pseudonym. Blogging, as i have learnt is easier and better when your shrouded from the world.

Comments are appreciated, however anonymous blabs wont be entertained…if you must say something say it with some conviction and a bit of respect for others.

It’s only a blog. Nothing here is written in stone or is 100% accurate, or true, or even justifiable so don’t take everything i say too seriously…some of these posts are idle typings whereas some are well thought out treacheries, either way their merely words on the web so don’t fret too much if i say something like “You’re a loser who deserves to be thrown off a rocky cliff”

If you feel you must contact me personally to warm of some terrible impending doom that awaits me, feel free to mail me digitalrebel@msn.com although i promise no replies or response!

Now…read away and enjoy. i hope in some way i have awakened you to some form of enlightenment or that I have touched you the way only good writing can. Take care and have a great day! I love you…whoever you may be.

Best regards.

Kaiser Kobayashi – Ruler of Chaos.


4 Responses to “About Kaiser Kobayashi”

  1. Ammata hudu!!! :S

  2. I know right!!! 😉 heheh :p

  3. murali! you have a spunded a great read ah……I accidently stumbled upon this and my machan its a funky jungy no??? keep typing machan…and I’ll keep reading.. PEACE

  4. ” Blogging, as i have learnt is easier and better when your shrouded from the world.”
    Well said.

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